Going plant-based is easy with hapvee

Become your happiest, healthiest and fittest self with plant-based nutrition made simple

Cook along with your favourite creators

Are you tired of blogs with millions of popup ads, infinite stories that don’t add up to your cooking experience, tiring lengthy instructions, text to interpret or dizzyingly fast video on social media?

We believe that cooking should be a relaxing, pleasant and straightforward experience that tingles your senses.

Learn how to cook amazing plant-based meals, invite chefs and pro home-cooks in your kitchen with step-by-step video recipes that give you an almost tactile feeling of knowing what to do at every step!

Plan quickly, save time

Meal planning doesn’t have to be a tedious activity and it shouldn’t be a time consuming activity. We believe it should be an exciting process of picking tantalising recipes that will please your senses.

Create a flexible meal plan that adapts to your schedule and quickly adjust it, swapping what you don’t feel like. We add delicious new recipes every week.

Two vegan recipe cards that dispay the meal plan functionality of Hapvee

Get in shape with healthy habits

“No pain, no gain” is a bad measure for success. Forget about counting calories and macronutrients, fad diets or doing unsustainable workouts.

Have you even wondered what it feels like to be in the best shape of your life? It’s simply amazing but only sustainable habits, a peaceful mind and a smart, practical plan can get you there.

We believe that you shouldn’t choose between eating healthy or tasty. That’s why we empower you to eat smart by adapting any recipe to your nutritional needs.

Together we make a HUGE impact.

Hapvee users have saved
animal lives
litres of water
sq. m of forest
kg of grain
kg of CO2
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Reduce your footprint and save animal lives

Vegan eating conserves natural resources like water and reduces your carbon footprint, which can have a significant systemic impact. By making the vegan choice, you indirectly discourage deforestation and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Most importantly, you help save countless lives that still suffer every day for the sake of ending up on a plate.