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  • Have a unique cooking experience
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Join us in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to fully plant-based nutrition! Our platform aims to synergise your culinary skills, nutritional science and the power of technology to take away any guesswork or doubt from anyone who is thinking about starting to eat vegan.
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At the end of every month, we aim to distribute 10% of our revenue to all our creators based on the number of points you collected when users engage with their content.

Let’s harness the power of the flywheel effect:Easier and faster plant-based adoption ➔ more plant-based eaters ➔ increased PB food sales ➔ higher vegan market share ➔ supply meets demand ➔ more creators ➔ more exciting recipes ➔ stronger vegan economy
Deliver unique culinary experiences
Share your recipes on Hapvee to make it easy for your followers to save, plan, shop and cook every recipe you share.

Our recipe editor allows you to quickly add recipes to the platform and quickly clip videos to make for a unique culinary experience that will guide effortlessly all your followers to cook your recipes.

Together we make a HUGE impact.

Hapvee users have saved
animal lives
litres of water
sq. m of forest
kg of grain
kg of CO2
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Reduce your footprint and save animal lives

Vegan eating conserves natural resources like water and reduces your carbon footprint, which can have a significant systemic impact. By making the vegan choice, you indirectly discourage deforestation and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Most importantly, you help save countless lives that still suffer every day for the sake of ending up on a plate.