Hapvee Partner Monetisation Policies

In order for creators and publishers to monetise their content on Hapvee from Synergic foods Ltd (trading under the name of Hapvee), they must comply with a set of rules called Hapvee Partner Monetisation Policies. These rules apply to accounts, behaviours and payments. There is a separate set of policies, called Hapvee Content Monetisation Policies, that apply to all content.

Partner Policies

In order to monetise your content on Hapvee, your account and content must:

Reside in an eligible country

To monetise, you must reside in an eligible country where the product or feature is available. You may lose your ability to monetise if you move to an ineligible location or if Hapvee from Synergic foods Ltd changes product eligibility.

At the moment we don’t have a list of eligible countries but this may change in the future, we will keep you updated if any change arises. We strive to find solutions to enable our creators to be working from any location however laws and regulations may prevent us from doing so.

Follow our Community Guidelines

These rules apply to all posts and interactions on Hapvee, including rules against hate speech, calls for violence and sexualised content. Any content posted by publishers or creators that violates our Hapvee Community Guidelines, including our policies regarding intellectual property, authenticity and user safety, may cause publishers or creators to lose their creator account. If you believe that you may have violated our policies regarding intellectual property, you can find more information or learn more about copyright or trademark infringement.

If we disable or remove content that you posted because of an intellectual property report, you'll receive an email from Hapvee that may include the name and email address of the rights owner who made the report and/or other details of the report. If you believe that the content shouldn't have been removed, you can follow up with the rights owner directly to try to resolve the issue.

If your content was removed because of a copyright report, you can submit an appeal via email at team@hapvee.io

Follow our Content Monetisation Policies

All content must pass our Community Guidelines and our Content and Monetisation Policies. These include deeper restrictions on the content itself and the formats in which it is presented. Creators and publishers must ensure that their profiles are completed and up to date at all times, including their profile pictures and profile descriptions, as well as all the information required in their profile.

Share accurate information

Creators and publishers posting content flagged as misinformation and false news may be ineligible or may lose their eligibility to monetise or to have a Creator account.

Monetise authentic engagement

Creators and publishers can only monetise content that is consumed by their natural, authentic audience. This means that creators and publishers may not engage in any behaviour that artificially boosts or amplifies followers, views or engagement for the purpose of generating more revenue. This includes manufactured sharing, which is the coordinated distribution of content, often for compensation.

Creators and publishers may lose the ability to monetise or have a Creator account if their audience significantly consists of fake engagement, including, but not limited to, searches, ratings, views, follows or any other type of engagement.

Develop an established presence

Creators must have an authentic, established presence on Hapvee. This also includes maintaining a sufficient number of recipes published.

Avoid systemic violations

Creators that have not been onboarded to a monetisation product, may lose the ability to monetise if an entity connected to it has repeatedly violated these policies.

Hapvee from Synergic foods ltd reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate access to, or discontinue the availability of, its content monetisation features at any time and without any notice.